Volunteer Recruitment

AVFD volunteers come from many diverse backgrounds, but share a common interest in serving the greater Annandale community through their time and effort. If you are interested and ready to make a significant time commitment, we want to hear from you!

We are continually seeking both administrative and operational members. However, our ability to induct new members, particularly operational members, can vary during the year based on the availability of training classes and other factors.

Volunteer Expectations

To be a volunteer, prospective candidates should:

  • Expect to stay in the greater Annandale area for a minimum of 3-5 years
  • Pass a criminal background check (operational members must also have a clean driving record)
  • Participate in mandatory fund-raising activities, including helping to staff bingo twice per month, plus various special events throughout the year
  • Attend monthly membership/business meetings
  • Be able to spend a significant amount of time, on top of personal and work commitments, meeting administrative and operational requirements:
    • Administrative members are expected to work at least 120 hours/year (10 hours/month)
    • Operational members are expected to work at least 240 hours/year (20 hours/month) riding apparatus or otherwise engaging in operational activities, and performing administrative/fund-raising commitments
  • For EMS members: be able to attend and successfully complete Fairfax County's EMT school, including 120 hours of classroom time (classes cannot be missed) with expectations and workload similar to a college course, plus homework and studying/practicing outside of class, followed by passing both a written and practical-skills evaluation
  • For fire suppression members: complete all requirements for EMS-only membership, plus Fairfax County's Fire School, a physically and academically challenging curriculum involving 300 hours of classroom time (total of 420 hours for EMT and Fire School)

Request Information

For more information and to have an AVFD member contact you, please fill out the form below, or use this link to access the form directly.